Chris Hawkins (Vocals)​
Iain 'GT' Davies (Guitars, Vocals)
Ben Hands (Bass)
Jake Stone (Drums)

Band Info

Origin: Bristol, UK
Genre:  Progressive Metal
Years Active:  2009- Present
Label:  Indepedent


Endeavour are a collective of nerds with a knack for making epic, skull crushing prog metal. Channeling the aggression of bands like Machine Head and Pantera into the progressive form of bands such as Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree, Endeavour combine dual vocal harmonies, mammoth riffs and versatile songwriting to forge modern metal with old-school ethos.


The important thing to know about Endeavour's story is they're band who has never rushed anything. In the search for the highest of standards they could achieve they have meticulously thought out every move they have made, almost to the point of lunacy, but that's for the audience to judge, have the results been worth it?
Endeavour was formed in Bristol, UK in October 2009 by guitarist Iain 'GT' Davies and bassist Ben Hands in the common room of the Bristol Institute of Modern Music (BIMM). They shared a love for progressive metal bands such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Opeth while still maintaining a love for their old-school influences in Metallica, Pantera, Machine Head amongst other. After jamming Dream Theater's "The Glass Prison" it was decided a band needed to be formed in the image of their progressive metal idols yet with more of the aggressive and raw attitude and streamlined approach of their old-school influences.
After spending the first two years writing a vast catalogue of ideas and songs, they added members Chris Hawkins and George Russell on and vocals and drums respectively in late 2011. For the next two year the band gigged locally and continued to compose music  the band made preparations for what would become their first release. In this time they released two demos for the songs "Drowning Memory" and "Betrayal Of Life", both of which would appear on their debut release.
The band spent 2013 recording their debut release, recording drums with Craig Reynolds (previously of Viatrophy, The HAARP Machine, Brutality Will Prevail) who also handled the mix. They released the 37-minute mini-album, From The Darkest Grounds, in early 2014 and continued to gig locally and around the UK, supporting UK regulars such as Evil Scarecrow, Absolva, and Mask Of Judas in support of the release.
Continuing to gig in 2015, the band entered the Metal 2 The Masses battle of the bands style competition hoping to earn a slot at Bloodstock Festival, the UK's #1 pure-metal festival; although Mortishead took the cake at the final, Endeavour were chosen as the wild-card band  which gave them a slot on the humble but what proved to be awesome Jägermeister stage. After their set on the Jägermeister stage, guitarist Iain 'GT' Davies very quickly ran over to the Sophie Lancaster stage to perform with Onslaught, whom Iain had joined earlier in 2015.
At was at this high in the band's career point that the Endeavour parted ways with drummer George Russell, who was quickly replaced by current member Jake Stone, whom the band had connected with when they needed a fill-in drummer for gigs during 2015. Jake's astounding technical prowess, creativity, and effortlessness to fit into an already running band earned him his place almost without consideration.
After a slew of local gigs with new drummer Jake drummer to round the year off, Endeavour began the production of their second release which would a short three-song EP. After completing drum recording in late 2015 the band went through a quieter period over the next year due to Davies' and Hawkin's obligations to Onslaught and One Machine, the latter of whom Chris had been working with since late 2014, and the EP's production was put on hold.
After months of a somewhat quiet period for the band, production started again in late 2016 and finished with the release of the EP entitled Bring Upon The Rising Day in mid 2017. The EP continues where From The Darkest Grounds left off, maintaining their progressive-meets-aggressive approach while pushing every angle of the band further. The music is more progressive, expansive and technical, featuring some of their most complicated arrangements as well as their longest track to date "Bring Upon The Rising Day". Lyrically it stretches the path established of From The Darkest Grounds of the struggle of one man or being against a more powerful force, but while the previous release dealt more with exterior battles the new EP focuses more on personal struggle and anguish, delving into subjects of depression and anxiety (touched upon earlier on a track like "Shadow's Refrain"). As lyricists for the band, Chris Hawkins and Iain 'GT' Davies see this as the band's niche lyrically; drawing upon their own experiences with mental illness they hope to help bring this subject to the public and help to extinguish the stigma surrounding it.
Just before the release of 'Bring Upon The Rising Day' the band confirmed a set at Bloodstock Festival 2017 on the Sophie Lancaster (2nd) Stage.​ In the lead up Bloodstock Endeavour released a Lyric Video for the EP's opening track "Denied, Defined, Defined", made by the great Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art, and also a self-made play-through video for "Death In Lies (view on the media page).
After a slew of UK shows Endeavour played Bloostock Festival in August 2017 bringing their biggest production to date with a new epic backdrop and hiring Doug Hall of Iron Maiden fame on sound.​
Since the Bloodstock show Endeavour booked UK co-headlining tour with Manchester prog-metallers Collibus (www.facebook.com/EndeavourMetal) which they are currently embarking on. In the meantime the band has been writing for their debut full-length album which they aim to start recording in late 2018 and release in early 2019 with a full PR campaign and many tours in the UK and beyond....
While being completely dedicated to Endeavour, the members have stretched their wings and explored other avenues:
Chris Hawkins sang for progressive-thrashers One Machine featuring Steve Smyth, previously of Nevermore fame along with classic thrash bands such as Testament and Forbidden, as well Jamie Hunt, the exciting shredder from Biomechanical. Hawkins stayed with the band from 2014-2016, singing on their sophomore record The Final Cull, touring the UK supporting Overkill and Vader, performing in Denmark, Belgium, Italy amongst other European countries before leaving in late 2016.
Iain 'GT' Davies joined UK-thrash legends Onslaught in early 2015. While he never featured on an official album he toured all over the world visiting places such as China, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, as well throughout Europe and South America. Davies stayed with the band until late 2017 to focus more energy on Endeavour as well as other projects.
Ben Hands, employing his huge facility as a bassist, formed the Ben Hands Band where he explores his compositional and jazz influences employing various different musicians into different line-ups depending on the style of music composed. The band has released two album thus far, Beside The Tranquil (a one-piece album composed in memory of his Grandmother) and Your Monthly Village Newsletter which explores a more Holdsworthian/jazz fusion influenced sound.